About Our Organization

Through our team work and positive attitude, we are committed to making a difference in the lives
of our patients and fellow residents
, by providing quality care with integrity and the utmost compassion.

We continue to improve our skills through professional and personal growth,
holding ourselves accountable each and every day.

Who We Are

Bastrop County First Responders (BCFR) is a First Responder Organization (FRO) made up of residents or persons within Bastrop County, whose mission is to provide emergency medical care to the sick & injured until an EMS unit arrives. BCFR will continue to assist as necessary, including accompanying the ambulance to the hospital.

Our History

BCFR was founded in 1988 as an all volunteer organization to assist Bastrop County EMS at the scene of medical emergencies. Members are certified by the Texas Department of Health as Emergency Care Assistants (ECA) through Licensed Paramedics (LP), and are trained to provide care according to the current county medical and operational protocols set forth by the Medical Director. BCFR provides emergency response to 911 calls for the transport provider as well as medical standbys for many local events.

Our Future

We will continue to teach EMS courses and expand our capabilities.